These are the courses for ombudsman training.

  • The link to the left will allow you to go to the CMS Surveyor Page and then you must click on the hyperlink to follow to the CMS Surveyor Website.
  • This training program contains 5 modules. Typically, you work through the modules in order but it is easy to skip around for review. To access each module, select them from the menu. Within a module, use the navigation buttons provided. Some words may be highlighted for definitions.

    This material was produced by Atkinson Consulting, LLCin cooperation with the Louisiana Governor's Office of Elderly Affairs. Video segments used by permission from the National Center for State Long Term Care Ombudsman Resources. For more information about the Ombudsman program or these materials, contact Cynthia Hadnott, Louisiana State Ombudsman.

  • This is the staffing toolkit module.